Newspaper Article Summary in Altlanta, Georgia

Newspaper Name: CBS Atlanta

46 Article Title: DeKalb County Officer’s Wife Attacked

Journalist: Will Frampton and Jocelyn Connell

This article is about a county sheriff and his wife getting robbed at their house. The sheriff wasn’t home and the wife was when the robbing happened.The wife was found by the neighbors lying in her drive way hurt. She was severly beaten and bleeding out. She was immediately taken to the hospital and is heard to be doing better. The police won’t share any of the evidence for some reason.

I chose this article because it showed that crime is everywhere and we have to look out. Also I liked that the neighbors cared to help their neighbor. What i didn’t like is that they didn’t share alot of info about how it happened and any evidence.

Newspaper Article Summary

Newspaper:  Lansing State Journal

Article Title: Another Guilty Plea in Shooting Death of Lansing Girl ( May 7)

Author: Steven R. Reed


Amaia edmund, 7 years old,  was “accidently” shot by her step-dad. Jerry McKinley was sentenced until June 13 until his trial happenes. Jerry’s accomplice was questioned and he said that he was suppoesed to “lick” the house that night. This means that they were going to break and enter. I think that they both should be charged with 1st degree murder and be sentenced to life in prison!!!! I also thought that was a little bit confusing!