Newspaper Article Summary in Altlanta, Georgia

Newspaper Name: CBS Atlanta

46 Article Title: DeKalb County Officer’s Wife Attacked

Journalist: Will Frampton and Jocelyn Connell

This article is about a county sheriff and his wife getting robbed at their house. The sheriff wasn’t home and the wife was when the robbing happened.The wife was found by the neighbors lying in her drive way hurt. She was severly beaten and bleeding out. She was immediately taken to the hospital and is heard to be doing better. The police won’t share any of the evidence for some reason.

I chose this article because it showed that crime is everywhere and we have to look out. Also I liked that the neighbors cared to help their neighbor. What i didn’t like is that they didn’t share alot of info about how it happened and any evidence.

Newspaper Article Summary

Newspaper:  Lansing State Journal

Article Title: Another Guilty Plea in Shooting Death of Lansing Girl ( May 7)

Author: Steven R. Reed


Amaia edmund, 7 years old,  was “accidently” shot by her step-dad. Jerry McKinley was sentenced until June 13 until his trial happenes. Jerry’s accomplice was questioned and he said that he was suppoesed to “lick” the house that night. This means that they were going to break and enter. I think that they both should be charged with 1st degree murder and be sentenced to life in prison!!!! I also thought that was a little bit confusing!


NPM ~ Day 24


School is an everyday occurrence,

It is always here and will never leave,

So that is why we all have to learn to deal with it, even though its a pet peeve,

Theres friends and enemys, girl drama and even boy drama,

and the kids that smell, like there own pet llama,

Teachers with attitudes and the kids that talk back,

and at the end of the day, homework filled back pack,

thoughts swirlling in our heads,

we lay down for a second, and end up in bed.

NPM~Responding to Taylor Mali

I liked the “On Girls Lending Pens” poem better because it was more steered to our age and it was easier to understand for  me. I din’t get some of the big words in the other one.Watching the poet made it easier to understand because you could tell his he new that being unprepaired isn’t good. Also to show how fast the other girl with all of the pens was talking. This poem means that some of the teachers do get that being unprepaired can be stressful and that they need to help us out! (It also shows that some of the kids need to learn to share hahaha!!) I liked it alot! 🙂

SOLSC ~ Writing Challenge ~ 27/31

My 7th birthday!

On my 7th birthday my family and I were planning on going up north to my cottage to celebrate it because my birthday is in the summer. We packed in our bags tightly in the trunkk of our van and started off to the lake.

It takes about 1 hour and 1/2 to get there and my dad had to stop for gas before we got on to the high way. We saw a speedway and decided to stop here before we started the long trip. We pulled i nto the turn lane and were about to turn when the light turned to red in a  flash. My dad instantly reacted and stated to to slow down. We were in relief to no that we didnt go through it and get hit. But, apparently the guy behind us didn’t see it and drilled our back bumper! I sreamed with shock and fear and was shaking like crazy!

We pulled on the side of the road to look at the damage and our back bumper had fallen off! The guy that hit us ahd stopped besides us and had helped us and said sorry. And while all I was thinking was that my birthday was ruined!


SOLSC ~ Writing Challenge ~ 17/31

The very first book I could ever read by myself was called, Noisy Breakfast! It was my favorite book for all of preschool and kindergarten. Everynight befor eI went to bed I would get ouot my book and would read it to my dad. Now looking at it, it is the easiest book EVER! it starts something like this…Noisy Breakfast.The toast burns. The pan sizzles. The butter melts. This is a  noisy breakfast. It went something like that, I don’t know. the second book I ever read was Down By the Station. I absolutely loved this book. My Dad would sing it with me evernight because we ha the CD to it. It is a nursery. It goes like this…

Down by the station,

 early in the morning ,

see the little pufferbellies

all in a row.

puff, puff,

toot, toot,

 off we go!

…That was the chorus! I still have this book and will always cherish it to be read to my kids one day!